The single most persuasive word in Lebanese culture is yalla. Said even more than hello, yalla is commonly used to express “come on” or “let’s go.” In Lebanon, yalla is so popular that people actually use it to describe their style of life. The Yalla Life. At its heart, the saying basically means “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Flavorful. Healthy. Authentic. The culinary traditions of Lebanon include an abundance of savory meats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, pitas and more. Fresh, low-calorie ingredients prepared with herbs, spices and love accompany all of our dishes. Proudly offering vegetarian and vegan options, Yum Yum has been serving the best Lebanese food in Colorado for more than 30 years.

No one does adult beverages like Yum Yum. Specializing in flavored mojitos and spiked smoothies, our drink menu may be the best in town. With a creative wine list and selection of incredible local craft beer, we’re thankful and honored to be ranked on multiple “best of” lists year after year.